2014 Annual Report

Our Vision

Vigorous Trade

It is the hallmark of thriving economies, and our mission is to make it sustainable, reliable, and safe. This requires innovation in our operations and commitment to our pursuit of excellence, and in 2014 we saw both flourish. The Port of Prince Rupert handled record volumes of containerized cargo and grains, and further diversified its capacity to support Canadian trade with the introduction of new terminals and infrastructure. These lines of business resulted in nearly $390M of gross domestic product, and directly supported 3,060 full-time jobs across northwest British Columbia. Our team is already looking to the challenges ahead, but we hope you’ll enjoy looking back with us on what was a remarkable 2014.

Natural Connections

The Prince Rupert Advantage

Prince Rupert has an outsized impact on global trade for a community of 12,000 people. The reasons start with the harbor’s geography. For connecting North America to the Asia Pacific, no other port can match Prince Rupert’s natural advantages.

Building on those advantages, the Port of Prince Rupert and its partners have created a track record of excellence in Trade, Community Impact, Safety, and Sustainability.


Building Economic Prosperity

Natural attributes paired with industry-leading efficiency have translated into years of solid performance for Prince Rupert—and the promise for much more in the years to come.

The Year in Numbers
0 % increase in containerized cargo (TEUs)
0 .3 M added tonnes of bulk agri-food exports
$ 0 M invested in a new Project Cargo Offload Facility
41 % decline in coal volume—but prepared for market recovery by expanding capacity to 18 million tonnes
0 K added tonnes of biofuel exports

Our portfolio of terminals handles a variety of cargo, each of which is affected by its own market cycle. Through continued investment in trade infrastructure, the Port of Prince Rupert enables an even greater array of commodities to flow in and out of Canada. This ensures we can remain stable—even grow—year to year, particularly when individual terminals have down years, as the Ridley Coal Terminal did in 2014.


Investing Locally

All of this trade strengthens the economic vitality of Canada. From the farming families of the Prairies, to the mining communities of British Columbia, and the transportation networks in between, the Port of Prince Rupert is playing a role in many of Canada’s most crucial industries. Nowhere is this impact greater than the communities in British Columbia’s North.

Economic Impact

The Port of Prince Rupert strives to measure and evaluate the impact of its business. A 2014 economic impact study revealed the direct implications of port activity on local economies:

0 jobs
$ 0 M in wages
$ 0 M in GDP
$ 0 M in taxes
0 % average wage increase in port-related jobs since 2009

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Local community development is an imperative for us too. The people of Prince Rupert and its neighbouring communities are what make our operations possible, and are invaluable partners in our efforts to keep this region healthy and sustainable future generations. Over the last five years, we’ve contributed $1,834,844 to 39 different legacy projects that contribute to an improved quality of life on BC’s North Coast: arts organizations, civic projects, recreational clubs, education initiatives, and more. Here are a few stories from 2014.


Operational Excellence

A coordinated effort between the PRPA and its many partners exerts positive control over every vessel, ensuring round-the-clock safeguards. The result has been the evolution of a global reputation for navigational safety. As the number of vessels more than doubles over the next decade, maintaining that reputation continues to be a top priority.

0 commercial vessel calls at port terminals
0 vessel grounding in the Prince Rupert Harbour, responded to and resolved in collaboration with port partner agencies with no injuries or environmental contamination
0 new Aids to Navigation for the Prince Rupert Harbour developed in partnership with Canadian Coast Guard
0 established anchorage positions created with Transport Canada and navigational safety partners like BC Coast Pilots to accommodate growth in commercial vessel traffic
0 tide and current monitoring sites established to provide mariners with real-time data as they transit the Prince Rupert Harbour
0 st port in North America to adopt International Harbour Masters Association standards for Port Information Guide
0 emergency operations exercises held in coordination with safety and security partners
0 m3 of organic material cleaned from the harbour by the Harbour Debris Society

The foundation of our prosperity lies in practices and procedures designed to keep vessels moving safely – and goods flowing securely. Our dedication to safe operations means nonstop teamwork and vigilance, and sees the Port of Prince Rupert connected to a variety of partners at all times. Together, we exert positive control over the Prince Rupert Harbour and ensure round-the-clock safeguards.


The Port of Prince Rupert emphasizes long-term planning, integrating activities and proactively defining and reducing risk. As part of our ongoing commitment to safe and sustainable growth, we are preparing for new terminal developments, growth in vessel traffic and potential new cargoes.


Sustainable Growth

One trade we’ll never make: exchanging our future for short-term gain. We are deeply committed to preserving the beauty and integrity of our environment while we maintain competitiveness and facilitate commerce, and deploy several strategies to that end.

0 days above provincial air quality objectives for airborne particulate matter at waterfront monitoring station
0 unique water quality sites tested quarterly to understand the health of the Prince Rupert Harbour
$ 0 in discounted harbour dues awarded under the Green Wave sustainable shipping program
0 % decrease in monthly average daytime noise levels in proximity to Westview Wood Pellet Terminal
0 invasive species observed in the Prince Rupert Harbour to date
0 % increase in carbon emissions from to port-related activities
Gateway 2020

The Port of Prince Rupert is building for the long term. As a leader in sustainable practices and planning, minimizing the impact and environmental footprint of port operations is one of our measures of success. Our Gateway 2020 vision outlines a growth strategy that balances the needs of existing port operations, future trade opportunities and the health of marine and foreshore environments within our jurisdiction.


As we grow, we must do it with an eye on sustainability and environmental protection. We are guided in all of our activities by the key principles of pollution prevention, environmental integrity, efficient use of resources, and continuous improvement. With these in mind, our operations demonstrate respect – for the environment, our neighbours and future generations.


Employing Fiscal Integrity

Sound financial management drives the responsible stewardship of our resources. Each year, the Port of Prince Rupert releases its financial statements. The bottom line? These figures detail our organization’s committment to the sensible and effective use of our assets, year after year.

$ 0 Total Revenue
$ 0 Expenses
$ 0 Net Income
$ 0 Total Assets
$ 0 Capital Expenditures
Bright Future

Vigorous Trade.
Thriving communities.
Sustainable Growth.

These are the conditions we’re fighting to create as we steward the incredible natural resource that is the Port of Prince Rupert. Thank you to our local communities, our shippers, supply chain partners, terminal operators, service contractors, and everyone else who made 2014 a success in each of those categories. A special thank you to the women and men on the water, in the terminals, and on the trains and trucks that are moving Canada’s trade through the Port of Prince Rupert. Together, we’re fulfilling the natural promise that Prince Rupert has long offered to Canada and its global trade partners.


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